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Have you found a wedding venue you have fallen in love with? Come to Nowhere Lounge and you will fall in love with the intimate, exciting location that is also practical and real to make your dream come true. Nowhere is a magical venue that will have you planning your whole event around the lightening and unique qualities of our location. You may even decide you want to have your ceremony and reception at Nowhere, because the space is limitless to create all aspects of your wedding. We are able to accommodate different budgets and numbers of guest here at Nowhere Lounge.

The Décor is unique and can fit your style and wedding colors.  You will not have to spend a lot of money on flowers and decorations because the lightening and environment can set the mood and feeling you wish for on your special day.  You can choose to have a sit down dinner, party area as well as cocktail area all in one place.  There are no limits to dreaming at Nowhere Lounge. The dreams are also real because catering facility, bathroom facilities, parking and all details can be taken care of for your wedding needs at Nowhere lounge. Liquor, band and dancing are second nature in a wedding venue like ours. The sounds will resonate for the bride and groom.  The wedding of a life time can be celebrated at South Beach at the Nowhere Lounge.