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NoWhere is pleased to offer you an alternative space. Our intimate, upscale venue, with thoughtfully integrated event features, has been specifically designed to host special events andcorporate gatherings in a starkly dynamic way. Nowhere is packed with the most advanced technology in lighting, special effects and laser capabilities. Nowhere’s exceptional design creates a VIP atmosphere throughout the venue and positions it as distinctly superior to what you would expect to find in a banquet hall, ballroom or restaurant. Nowhere is essentially a potential platform to present media content in a dynamic and innovative way giving the event producer the ability to transport attendees into a 360 degree full sensory experience.Nowhere gives the opportunity to any event planner or producer to present his or her vision, scenes and story, articulated with a dramatic impact. With a floor plan and size of 3,000 sq feet, Nowhere is a perfect match for a private party or corporate event where guests can enjoy their private space, yet be in the middle of the action.Nowhere offers three separate rooms- BAR ROOM, MAIN ROOM and VIP ROOM where guests can enjoy three different atmospheres through the course of the event. Nowhere is a partner with Miami’s finest catering companies which have access to our full kitchen with state of the art appliances providing the best quality cuisine for the event. We also have our preferred professional vendors which can make your event a reality without added stress